Entry #1

I'm doing music again

2015-10-10 23:24:54 by BrutalGoVikings

After listening to a piece of music, i have now decided to get into it myself! i just released my own piece just a few moments ago! let me know what you think about it


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2015-10-11 00:06:41

It has a catchy rhythm to it,though it could sound a little messy with more than one type of beat 'competing' with each other.Maybe you could lower the volume of one rhythm before introducing another to give each one some 'attention'.I am no expert but I don't find it 'messy' myself,I think it's great and you should make it into a full song.Good luck!

BrutalGoVikings responds:

Thank you for letting me know! this is my second song, so im getting used to the volume balancing myself! i'll try to balance it more in the future


2015-10-11 04:18:48

Ah,it's nothing really,just glad to help!