New song soon?

2015-10-19 04:10:58 by BrutalGoVikings

I have started on a new song... this one i am actually going to take my time to make instead of just slapping things together. I have more instruments recorded to use now, each indivitual note, and some random playing as well... let's see what i can put together. The song should be out in a day or two, at most, a week. I want this to be my best song, better than "Tranquility and Piano"


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2015-10-19 06:20:53

Give it a go, I'd like to hear what you come up with. By the way, I just took a listen to Tranquillity and Piano, and without headphones, I can't find much wrong with it. Good work. ^_^

BrutalGoVikings responds:

That was the first song i did about 2 years ago, maybe one and a half years ago. and i actually took my time on it, rather than like 30 minutes like i did for the other two. Thank you for listening to it by the way!


2015-10-25 18:41:41

Anytime -- keep going!