Something new!

2015-10-29 00:57:35 by BrutalGoVikings

welp, i got distracted from music! I was looking at my old hard drive, and found a short story that i wrote (which was inspired by my sister) So i told my friend Jay W Eccent. He re-wrote it, and i loved his editing... so he read the story and posted on youtube. i downloaded that video from youtube and removed the video part, and rendered the audio and posted on here... Please let me know what you think of the story "A Strange Feeling"

New song soon?

2015-10-19 04:10:58 by BrutalGoVikings

I have started on a new song... this one i am actually going to take my time to make instead of just slapping things together. I have more instruments recorded to use now, each indivitual note, and some random playing as well... let's see what i can put together. The song should be out in a day or two, at most, a week. I want this to be my best song, better than "Tranquility and Piano"

I'm doing music again

2015-10-10 23:24:54 by BrutalGoVikings

After listening to a piece of music, i have now decided to get into it myself! i just released my own piece just a few moments ago! let me know what you think about it